Month: May 2012 Clone – Update

Posted by – May 29, 2012

I wrote a few days ago about beginning development on a clone.

I wanted to give an update on development.

I have finished the following:

  • Database Design
  • Initial Site Design
  • Registration and User Interface
  • New/Complete/Delete Projects
  • Comment System

Features in the works:

  • Email Notification
  • File Upload
  • Task List

If there are other features you would like to see added please comment below or follow the development here.  Also I need to come up with a name as I don’t plan on calling it the “BaseCamp Clone” forever :)

My First Month With Niche Websites Income

Posted by – May 29, 2012

So a while back I wrote about starting a niche website.  I started earning on it the last few days of April so my earnings was only about ~$100.  I decided now that it’s has been almost a full month I would post an update.

I’m very impressed as my earnings continue to increase, just broke the $1,000 threshold and still a couple more days of the month to go.  The list of sites are several small ones, but one big earner that is my latest project. I’m going to start working now on another site to continue adding to my portfolio.  Some people have been asking what I would charge to create a site like this for them, but no one has gotten serious about it yet.  Hopefully this earnings proof will turn some heads :)

May 2012 Adsense Earnings on my Website:


Power Contest Update

Posted by – May 27, 2012

After months of development Power Contest for IP.Board is finally complete.  So I thought…  I submitted it to the IPB Marketplace for approval last week.  A few hours later I received a reply that due to core IPB file changes they cannot accept the application.  Core file edits?  I haven’t developed very many applications to run with IP.Board so didn’t really have a clue.

After looking through the information they provided in a link of how to properly code a application for IP.Board it looks like quite a few changes will have to be made.  I still think Power Auction is something that many people could benefit from once released so I’ve sent it back over to the devs for a re-code.  Hopefully since most of the logic is already defined it won’t take too long to fix.

Free Clone

Posted by – May 27, 2012

So the other day while working I received a AIM message asking me if I could clone  I have never heard of so I browse over and sign up for a free 45 day trial.  Turns out it’s basically a project management system.  I thought to myself no point in reinventing the wheel here, lets just grab an open source version of this and we will be good to go.  Heh, how wrong I was….

I spent the good part of a day downloading free/opensource project management tools, some didn’t work at all, some installed but half the features were broken, some worked completely but were far too complex.  The solution I needed was a super simple project management tool like BaseCamp.  I can use something more complex, but the tool isn’t just for myself, I need other people in the office that may not have the patients or tech knowledge to learn a new complex piece of software.

I’ve been wanting to learn more about PHP as it is, so I thought this will be some great practice.  I’ve started developing a simple project management system modeled after BaseCamp.  So far I’ve completed the database design, login system and now coding logic for the project interface.  It’s coming along very quickly and I’ve already learned a ton more about PHP/MYSQL.  I’ve always been a database guy with MSSQL, but only SQL never used any web code to query/insert/update data in a database so it’s great experience.

Once the project is complete I’m not sure what I will do with the code.  Maybe just let others download for free or opensource? Breaks into top 100k Global Ranking

Posted by – May 27, 2012

This week my Developer Site broke into the top 100k Globally ranked sites on Alexa.  I haven’t ever had any of my sites get enough traffic to rank that high.  Considering when it started 4 months ago it was ranked at 29,000,000 it’s a decent accomplishment.  The initial daily jumps in ranking were huge, now as the competition gets higher seems we only move up a few positions per day, but we are still moving up!

Native WordPress Photo Gallery Edit

Posted by – May 7, 2012

A while back I was asking for a simple WordPress photo gallery. No one ended up providing a decent solution, so I decided to create something on my own.

I like the native WordPress photo gallery, but it doesn’t have anything to get you to the next picture after you click to enlarge a thumbnail, that’s not very user friendly. I want people to actually view my photo gallery, if it’s not convenient then people are not going to use it. I was using NexGen Gallery, but it’s bloated and the pictures don’t load as quickly as I would like. So here is a simple solution.

I read that with the native WordPress gallery it searches to see if you have a image.php file present, if not it uses the Single.php file. I took a look at my theme and there is no Image.php file there. So I took my Single.php file and saved it as Image.php.

A couple minor changes to make to this Image.php file:

Find and remove:

<?php the_content(); ?>

Replace with:

<div style="float:right;"><?php next_image_link(false, 'Next Pic') ?></div><?php previous_image_link(false, 'Previous Pic') ?><br />
          <div style="text-align: center;"><a href="<?php echo wp_get_attachment_url($post->ID); ?>"><?php echo wp_get_attachment_image( $post->ID, 'large' ); ?></a></div>
          <?php if ( !empty($post->post_excerpt) ) the_excerpt(); ?><br />

That’s it, save it off and upload into your theme directory. It makes it so simple, no if someone clicks a thumbnail in your gallery they can view that picture and also have links to view the next one or go back to previous without backing up to the gallery.


Web Development Tools

Posted by – May 5, 2012

Over the years I have used many different sites to get data about websites.  After some thought I decided what a waste of time.  Why should I have to browse to all these different sites to get the information I need?

So over the past few months I have been releasing them on DeveloperBase.  We already have 6 and several more to come as people continue to request more weekly.  All of these are free to use.

Here are the current available tools:

DNS Lookup
A tool that allows you to quickly check DNS records for any domain/host.

PageRank Checker
A simple tool that lets you quickly view the Google PageRank for any URL.

Whois Query
Tool that lets you perform a whois query on any domain or IP address.

Text Flipper
Tool that allows you to flip your text upside down.

Image Uploader
Free Image Uploader for hosting all you pictures/gifs.

Google and Adsense Sandbox
Check to see if your website is banned from the Google Search Engine or Google Adsense

If you would like to request one click here and create a new topic.  Please specify what the tool will do and all important details.

How Does Alexa Measure Traffic?

Posted by – May 3, 2012

How do Alexa Rankings work?  I for one never really knew, how do they measure my traffic when I don’t have any code from them in my site?  They don’t tie into my Google Analytics either, so what’s the deal?  Well I’ve done some research and here is why.

Alexa traffic rating is based on visitors with the Alexa toolbar installed or an Alexa cookie in their cache.  Think of Alexa as a rating system much like TV. They are using a small sample of the population and showing you statistics.  The more people with the Alexa toolbar, the higher your Alexa score.  One problem with them tracking your traffic based of cookies is that most spyware removal tools will delete that cookie.

When I started DeveloperBase the first day we ranked at 27,000,000.  Less than 3 months later we are already in the top 110,000 websites globally and 34,000 of USA based sites.  I’m impressed we have come this far so quickly, but I don’t think it is an accurate gauge for traffic.

YouTube Channel Names

Posted by – May 3, 2012

One of my moderators on Digitize Design recently created a YouTube channel for us.  He uploaded 3 tutorials on various web development topics.  I liked the idea and decided we should create more tutorials, 3 or 4 per week.  This can help people out and bring in fresh traffic to the forums.

After some more thought it made more sense to have the YouTube channel under the umbrella of the rest of  Digitize Design.  So I asked him to cancel his current account I would download his videos then re-upload under our official channel.  He deleted his and I went in to grab the same username “DeveloperBase”.  Big mistake, turns out once a channel name is created it’s there forever under that email address.  I don’t like the policy, but I guess it prevents channel squatting and selling to a point, unless you are willing to give up the email associated with it.  Either way I think they should make exceptions on accounts less than say 1 month old.

Either way it’s all sorted now, here you can find the official Digitize Design YouTube Channel.  Subscribe today!

Earn Passive Income with Micro Niche Websites

Posted by – May 3, 2012

A few weeks back I started posting some links to sites where I purchase micro niche website and let you guys know I would review them. Well to date still nothing and they seem to have been a waste of money. Luckily they were cheap. However, I know there is money out there to be made on these so I purchased every eBook I could find and researched the micro niche topic to death. I took a little bit from each thing I read and created my own plan for creating a micro niche website. I have finally perfected my technique, I have a stable site in less than 2 weeks that earns $10-$30 per day on AdSense.

I’m going to follow the sites progress this month and make sure it stays within the $10-$30/day average. After the months end if I can maintain that success I will be offering the sites for sale. Now you cannot just put this site out there and let it run it’s course without ever touching it again. It will be alright for a while but as the content gets old and nothing new is posted the site’s traffic will suffer ultimately leading to lower income. The site takes some maintenance, a few new articles per week and some minor SEO tweaks. This is why I will be offering a monthly maintenance plan with the sites as well and guarantee a monthly minimum the site will generate if you keep the maintenance plan in place.

You can follow the development on this here.