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My Second Month With Niche Websites Income

Posted by – June 28, 2012

For any of you that haven’t read it already, my first month is here.

Now on to the second months progress report.  So this month I decided to introduce a 2nd niche website into the mix to see if I could double my income from the previous month which was about ~$700.  Well we have 2 full days of the month left and a total of 30 days in this month, remember in May we had 31 days.

The 2nd site I didn’t get going until about the 10th of June so it’s not a 2 full months of revenue from 2 sites, but I did beat last months number and by the end of the month should be last month’s # + a couple hundred.  I’m almost to the point where I feel comfortable enough to offer these for sale with a monthly guarantee of income so be on the lookout to purchase one of your own soon!

Here are June 1st 2012 – June 28 3:45pm CST Earnings:


Earn Passive Income with Micro Niche Websites

Posted by – May 3, 2012

A few weeks back I started posting some links to sites where I purchase micro niche website and let you guys know I would review them. Well to date still nothing and they seem to have been a waste of money. Luckily they were cheap. However, I know there is money out there to be made on these so I purchased every eBook I could find and researched the micro niche topic to death. I took a little bit from each thing I read and created my own plan for creating a micro niche website. I have finally perfected my technique, I have a stable site in less than 2 weeks that earns $10-$30 per day on AdSense.

I’m going to follow the sites progress this month and make sure it stays within the $10-$30/day average. After the months end if I can maintain that success I will be offering the sites for sale. Now you cannot just put this site out there and let it run it’s course without ever touching it again. It will be alright for a while but as the content gets old and nothing new is posted the site’s traffic will suffer ultimately leading to lower income. The site takes some maintenance, a few new articles per week and some minor SEO tweaks. This is why I will be offering a monthly maintenance plan with the sites as well and guarantee a monthly minimum the site will generate if you keep the maintenance plan in place.

You can follow the development on this here.